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Build a QR Code

The QR Code generator has four options. Each of the four options also allows you to add an image that will be centered in the QR Code.

  • Regular QR Code: This is a simple QR Code builder. Place your desired text and links in the "Content" area.
  • QR Code as Link: Use it to share links/websites.
  • QR Code Contact Info.: Use it when you want to share contact data/business cards. A QR code will add the contact data to the user's address book when scanned. The format is vCard 3.0.
  • QR WiFi Access: Use it when you want to share WiFi credentials. Good for meetings, a house party and public meetings/conventions.
If you wish to add an image to the center of the QR Code, find the image on your computer and the click on the "Load Image" button and the image will appear on the screen.

The last step is to click on the [Build QR Code] button. The QR Code will appear on the bottom of the screen.

To download the QR Code, right click on the QR Core image and save it to your computer.

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Build a QR Code

This section requires using Chrome, Brave, FireFox (for Android) or Edge browsers. IE and Firefox (Desktop) don't support Html5 "datetime" control.
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To add an image to the center of the QR Code, Choose an image and then Load the Image
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