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Use the entries below to reset your password. If your password reset is successful, you will be automatically redirected to the Resident Home page.

Your password must contain a minimum of 9 characters [A-z and 0-9]. Of the 9 characters, the password must contain at least 1 alpha character [A-z] and at least 1 digit [0-9] and a combination of upper/lower [A-z] text.

Certain characters not allowed in your password... !,",%,&,',(,),*,/,>,^,_

Tips on setting up Strong but memorable Passwords

Passwords should exceed 9 characters. How to create a password that is re-usable on multiple websites without being the same on any website...

Start with a phrase that you know. For example "Born in South Dakota on 1/1/65". Take the first character of each word in its case and add the numbers as in BiSDo1165.

You now have a 9 character password that can be used on any website. The secret is to prefix your password with the website that you are visiting.

For Google, your new password would be 'GBiSDo1165'. For Amazon it would be 'ABiSDo1165.

Each is unique and still memorable, but only to you and will contain a minimum of 10 characters.

We suggest that all passwords contain at least 10 characters, but it is not required.

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